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Project Pitch Form Continued:

Please complete the required fields. Please be aware that there are word limitations. Information beyond what is solicited in the fields below will not be reviewed.

Please note: Any small business with a pending Project Pitch must wait for a response from NSF before submitting another Project Pitch.
Up to 500 words describing the technical innovation that would be the focus of a Phase I project, including a brief discussion of the origins of the innovation as well as an explanation as to why it meets the program’s mandate to focus on supporting research and development (R&D) of unproven, high-impact innovations.
Up to 500 words describing the R&D or technical work to be done in a Phase I project, including a discussion of how and why the proposed work will help prove that the product or service is technically feasible and/or significantly reduce technical risk. Discuss how, ultimately, this work could contribute to making the new product, service, or process commercially viable and impactful. This section should also convey that the proposed work meets definition of R&D, rather than straightforward engineering or incremental product development tasks.
Up to 250 words describing the customer profile and pain point(s) that will be the near-term commercial focus related to this technical project.
Up to 250 words describing the background and current status of the submitting small business, including team members related to the technical and/or commercial efforts discussed in this Project Pitch.

NSF SBIR/STTR Phase I Eligibility Information:

In addition to receiving an invitation to submit a full proposal from the NSF SBIR/STTR Phase I Program based upon the review of their submitted Project Pitch, potential proposers to the program must also qualify as a small business concern to participate in the program (see SBIR/STTR Eligibility Guidefor more information). The firm must be in compliance with the SBIR/STTR Policy Directive(s) and the Code of Federal Regulations (13 CFR 121).

  • Your company must be a small business (fewer than 500 employees) located in the United States. Please note that the size limit of 500 employees includes affiliates.
  • At least 50% of your company’s equity must be owned by U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and all funded work needs to take place in the United States (including work done by consultants and contractors).
  • The project’s Principal Investigator (technical project lead) must be legally employed at least 20 hours a week by the company seeking funding throughout the duration of the project.
  • The Principal Investigator needs to commit to at least one month (173 hours) of effort to the funded project, per six months of project duration.

For more detailed information, please refer to the SBIR/STTR Eligibility Guide. Please note that these requirements need to be satisfied at the time an SBIR/STTR award is made, and not necessarily when the proposal is submitted.